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Trader Oracle is an investment management and advisory firm offering its customers unique investment insights and exceptional client service through our dedicated teams of investment and business professionals.

Our professionals have extensive experience in the field of Risk Management, Quantitative Analysis, Business Analytics, Systemic Investing and Trade System Modelling offering strategic guidance, operational expertise and tailored solutions to our clients. Our extensive experience has yielded in inculcating a culture geared for risk management, increased profits with the agility to outmanoeuvre the competition.

Our history and track record highlight our expertise and strong fundamentals with thoughtful strategic expansion creating cross-platform synergies for our investors. We have successfully engaged in predictive modelling for the more esoteric asset classes achieving specific derivation of value to provide proprietary insights on which to base trading decisions, consequently fuelling innovation.

We thrive to lead the investment profession’s thinking in the areas of ethics, capital market integrity and excellence of practice and continue established dominance in this region ensuring our persistent visibility in the capital markets.

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Our Services

Your future is our focus.
Our focus is on your future.
Independent. Disciplined. Committed to Service.

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    This is a dynamically balanced and actively managed index fund, structured around the Indian CNX Nifty targeting companies with stable cash flows; demonstrated competitive strategies; experienced management systems and high return on equity generating risk-adjusted “Alpha Return”.

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    Market Intelligence

    We provide strategy-based investment advice on a predictive modelling platform across sectors and multiple time frames to proprietary trading desks of brokerages, hedge funds, managed funds, corporate treasuries and high net-worth individuals.

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    Bespoke Trading Systems

    Trading systems are designed to recognize, then exploit, patterns that precede profitable trading opportunities in financial markets. We employ a team of specialists in designing, construction, optimizing and implementation of trading systems for all the major charting softwares.

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    Trade Mentoring Programs

    This program is designed to enhance the professional capabilities of investors and traders alike. Our trading education laboratory encompasses classic techniques, investor psychology and behavioural finance achieved in real-time trading environment.

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    Behavioural Finance Workshop

    Our research team has succinctly identified the processes to utilize invaluable insights from behavioural finance to construct more acceptable and productive portfolios mitigating its negative effects on clients’ portfolios and distorting market prices.

The Trader Oracle Difference

We are an investment management and advisory firm working with select clients who subscribe to our unique approach.

Our team is dedicated to uncovering ideas through creativity – in both thinking and implementation. Our process using proprietary tools and investment themes are supported by an intense global search for idiosyncratic opportunities.

We view the world differently, and this makes all the difference.

While others may be confused, you exhibit clarity.

While others are constrained, you are flexible.

While others chase fads, you discover trends.

While others see adversity, you uncover opportunity.

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Who We Serve

Trader Oracle provides comprehensive investment risk services that help you monitor risk across your investment process, with integrated performance solutions that help you compare, evaluate and understand the impact of your investment decisions. We possess the global scale, technology, depth of services, unique insights and by seamlessly integrating our broad yet distinct expertise; we help power your success in capital markets around the world.

Our Service Extends But Not Limited To

  • Assest Managers
  • Soverign Institutions
  • Broker-Dealers
  • Global Risk Managers
  • Proprietary Trading Desks
  • High Net Worth Individuals
  • Corporations
  • Insurance Companies
  • Financial Intermediaries
  • Non-Profit Organizations