Experience & Expertise

Our history and track record highlight our expertise and strong fundamentals with thoughtful strategic expansion creating cross-platform synergies for our investors.

Our extensive experience has yielded in inculcating a culture geared for risk management, increased profits with the agility to outmanoeuvre the competition.

We have successfully engaged in predictive modelling for the more esoteric asset classes achieving specific derivation of value to provide proprietary insights on which to base trading decisions, consequently fuelling innovation.

The market dislocations during 2007 and 2008 have only served to highlight Trader Oracle durability, deep sector expertise, operations-driven diligence, conservative use of leverage during such times and its paramount objective of capital preservation achieved by blending talented managers and sophisticated strategies.

We employ industry leading professionals with exceptional track records in their fields. This includes both investment teams and product development with some of the industry’s leading investment vehicles having been created by people who are now part of the Trader Oracle group. We pride ourselves on the quality and longevity of our relationships as well as our ability to work with managers.

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