At Trader Oracle our team pride themselves of specializing in delivering high risk-adjusted returns for investors whilst at the same time embracing transparency and liquidity.

Trader Oracle multi-strategy and multi-trader style is complemented by unique and efficient real-time risk monitoring within which correlations are tracked between strategies. This enables detecting, measuring and mitigating the most complex forms of risk. Further risk reduction is achieved through optimizing diversification across markets, strategies and sectorial exposure.

Our commitment to active research supplemented with a consistent investment management process has resulted in the development of an innovative state-of-the-art proprietary investment platform, created over 10 years of dynamic and laser-focused research.

Our business is focused on a deliberately limited number of specializations in a limited number of geographies where we can excel on behalf of our clients, demonstrate a strong track record and be best in class. Our current focus is India, China and United States.

We contend that the return on investment is a function of the return on cash; the excess return of the market above the market rate (Beta) and stock selection (Alpha). Most investors or fund managers blur the distinction between these moving parts which makes it hard to accurately assess the attributes of one part or the whole and this is an important insight. Trader Oracle investment process remains consistent with this approach.