Capital markets operate under the dynamic cover of the financial services industry which encompasses high stakes and hair-trigger action. Markets are fought with global and organization-wide intelligence. Market participants such as risk analysts, portfolio managers and institutional investors at large financial institutions face a costly and complex labyrinth of challenges which appear to have become the new normal. They keep a sharp lookout for threats and opportunities to anticipate and respond to market events faster than competition.

Global capital markets fragmented by asset, time and class suffer from unprecedented speed and volume. New market regulations come with increased scrutiny from regulators. Effective risk management is not only a challenge but also a business survival necessity.

Many financial services firms are facing a herculean task battling the burden of legacy systems, outdated analytical methodologies, unsure about key performance indicators with incomplete views of risk and opportunity. It is imperative that market leaders require embracing new predictive analytics platforms to overcome challenges of big data issues, slow response times, real-time risk management and remain competitive.

Trader Oracle’s introduction of Fusion Analytics is an innovative and successful footprint in this direction. The inferences using Fusion Analytics extend beyond retrospective analysis to a result that is more prospective and anticipatory.