We have repeatedly highlighted from the past few months now, that “significant lows” in the world markets are highly probable in the region of Mid-November 2015. We reiterate that our conviction remains unaltered! The significant efforts of Quantitative Easing (read immodest levels of money printing) with abysmal low interest rates have been ineffective tools for … Continue reading [ COME NOV 2015 – EQUITIES SET FOR DEEPER CRACKS ]

September , 2015


Refer to our earlier post – dated 01st August, 2015. We had indicated our outlook that Nifty will re-test its previous lows of 7940 (By 1st Week September). Well our perspective stands vindicated with Nifty having decisively broken the stated levels and still hovering sub 7900 despite many dead-cat bounces! We opine that Nifty is … Continue reading NIFTY OUTLOOK – 09 SEPT 2015

The Cnx Nifty Index will remain very challenging to trade in the next few weeks and will call for the best technical minds to “interpret the future movement accurately”. Long term investors are advised to invest in bonds as against stocks for the next 3-4 months, until we can get a clear identifiable trend on … Continue reading NIFTY OUTLOOK – 01 AUG 2015

Some lesser known facts to the common retail investor which are stated below: FACT 1: “Nearly all active diversified equity funds as a group are under-performing on a four year rolling return basis, with empirical evidence, demonstrating less than 8 % of active fund managers to have marginally beaten the benchmark index”. FACT 2: “Outperforming … Continue reading PASSIVE INVESTING (ETF’S & INDEXING)

Some information and facts for our retail investors and traders: The Thomson Reuters/Core Commodity CRB Index (TR/CC CRB) is a commodity futures price index. It was first calculated by Commodity Research Bureau in 1957 and made its inaugural appearance in the 1958 CRB Commodity Year Book. The Index was originally composed of 28 commodities, 26 … Continue reading CRB INDEX OUTLOOK – 10 JUL 2015

July , 2015


The moat concept has been popularized by the legendary investor Warren Buffet. Warren Buffett has argued repeatedly and persuasively for the importance of moats in investing. Many of Buffett’s successes have come from companies with “Wide Moats”. Companies with moat are essentially companies with sustainable competitive advantage derived from their brand value, possess pristine balance … Continue reading COMPANIES WITH MOAT