Pathway to Alpha


Trader Oracle’s – Fusion Analytics, pending patent, is the consequence of 10 years of extensive research.

The core element of fusion analytics is the predictor, a variable that can be measured for an asset class to predict future behaviour. Multiple predictors are combined into a predictive model which when subjected to analysis can be used for future trend modelling with a high degree of reliability. Multiple related predictive models can produce good insights to make strategic investment and trading decisions thereby achieving “Alpha Returns”.

Fusion Analytics is a predictive event-driven system which reveals hidden relationships, patterns and emerging trends. It assists in providing objective, fact-based information which increases trading performance and profitability. Innovative and unique techniques are employed to identify market cycles over multiple time frames and employ pattern recognition techniques to spot significant turning points in trends. It enables historical analysis and back testing of newly derived strategies and then provides ongoing analytical insights in near real time to make necessary adjustments to better exploit market changes. This enables us to align trading strategies to market behaviour with right-time adjustments.

A distrust of fundamental data, being rocked by accounting shenanigans, and constant exposure to market volatility has created the demand for enhanced valuation techniques, such as Fusion Analysis. Trader Oracle’s Fusion Analytics platform provides a flexible, scalable framework with proprietary blending that pulls data from requisite input sources: Historical Data Mining – Market Basket Analysis – Intermarket Analysis – Behavioural Finance – Time Cycle Analytics – Artificial Neural Networks – Synthetic Scenario Analytics – Stress Analysis – Market Volatility – Risk Aggregation – Decision Tree Analytics – Technical Trend Modelling – Hypothesis Testing – Trade Optimization which when effected collaboratively can yield a complete roadmap to “Alpha Returns”. Our comprehensive approach to capital markets identifies and fuses the most complimentary components of our core disciplines. Fusion blending is both exciting and challenging, as it covers uncharted territory. Fusion Investing is a relatively new approach that attempts to integrate traditional and behavioural paradigms to create more robust investment models, which when effected collaboratively can yield a complete roadmap to “Alpha Returns”.

The above flow-chart reflects a schematic overview of Trader Oracle structured approach to the investment process.