Bespoke Trading Systems

Trading systems are designed to recognize, then exploit, patterns that precede profitable trading opportunities in today’s globally interconnected financial markets.

We employ a team of specialists in designing, construction, optimizing and implementation of trading systems which include back-testing based on extensive market simulation and evaluation on a broad spectrum of performance parameters augmented with strategies geared to consider and deal with slippages.

Deployed techniques, for bespoke standards of design for trading systems, are drawn from extensive in-house research in studying the charting landscapes to identify archetypes of market inefficiencies blended with systemic trend identification – volatility breakouts – mean reversion – risk modelling techniques across multiple time frames to deliver a synergistic effect. Over-fitting systems or form fitting systems as well as the distribution of systems are some of the things we test for in the development of a successful system.

Our cutting-edge and unorthodox perspectives in development of trading system have garnered us international acclaim.

We have successfully developed multiple trading systems, customised to client requirements, for all the major charting softwares.

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