Trade Mentoring Programs

Our trade mentoring program is designed to enhance the professional capabilities of traders, advisers, portfolio managers, brokers and retail investors in stocks, bonds, derivatives, and commodities.

Our training professionals are uniquely advantaged to have developed a trading education laboratory encompassing classic techniques, investor psychology and behavioural finance. Training is dynamically updated with new frontiers and our own developed strategies. We have devoted the past 10 years developing a proven, successful, repeatable, trading methodology leaning on technical analysis to find, track and trade with the “smart money”. The training is done in real-time trading environment under the direct supervision of our experts.

In the training process you will learn:

  • How to master the use of technical analysis to predict future directional price movement with a high degree of accuracy across all asset classes.
  • Receive professional real time guidance on how to correctly interpret the key indicators to assess the current state of the buying or selling of the smart money players to mark your setups in process, as they are forming themselves.
  • The relationship of “stops to blow offs and shake outs” and how to identify the correct placement of your specific stop area in your trade.
  • Understand the precision points of entries and then the correct areas to exit your trades based on price profit targets that have been well laid out in advance.
  • While managing the trade, cover “what if” scenarios otherwise understood as redundancy. If and when the trade goes against you, you will know how to react quickly and with confidence to protect your emotional and monetary capital.
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